The Rebel Health Alliance is a powerful network of world class health professionals who see what’s wrong with our current system and who’ve dedicated their lives to bringing you the health care you deserve.

Our professionals help you feel good, look great, and live your best life.

And if you want to give your family the ultimate gift, more quality years with YOU, then join us.

Because you already know: good health is the foundation of life, love, and happiness. 

It’s where the good life begins!

Years ago, I wanted the good life too, but I had to learn some hard truths first:

  • Ignore your health and everything you hold dear gets taken from you.
  • The current healthcare industry is a failure and you are the one suffering the consequences. 
  • The health systems that dominate our country don’t want you to be healthy – they want you sick, docile, and hooked on their drugs and on top of that they make it expensive, impersonal, and frustrating.

Poor health is like an invisible tax draining every aspect of your life. You wake up feeling sluggish and you drag through the day lacking energy to invest in the things that bring you true happiness – your hobbies, your community, and of course your family. Your mental health is affected when you’re not operating at your best, your mood can sour, your anxiety can rise, and you know stress just hits harder. You feel it in your bones and know that it can and must get better.

Answers are hard to find. When you look to your primary care physicians you find they are beholden to large health care systems that care more about profits than your wellbeing. The people who are supposed to help you have hidden motives and are probably fat, sick, and ignorant themselves, forcing you to sacrifice your best years today and tomorrow.

Our collective health is degrading every day. Obesity rates are on a straight line to the moon. One third of Americans have metabolic syndrome which increases your chances of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Life expectancy in America is going down year after year. By 2030 it’s projected 50% of Americans will be prediabetic or diabetic. It’s getting that bad. 

The health and medical community in our country failed us. Our trusted professionals told us to eat 12 servings of bread a day. Our doctors hand out drugs instead of urging you to change your behaviors. They ignore smart and wise choices while suggesting false and harmful ones. Those health gangsters, an evil empire of medical and economic tyranny, are stronger than ever today. And those hands around your neck are only going to get tighter if you don’t do something about it. 

This is why you must take control of your health.

When you see your doctor and he doesn’t even ask you about your sleep, exercise, or diet before he prescribes you a pill to take forever – that’s a red flag.

When you look at your primary care physician and think, “I don’t want to look like THAT guy” – you lose a little faith.

When you do your own research and learn about the lies you’ve been told – you wonder why you should ever trust anyone with a M.D. after their name ever again.

But ask yourself, why did you feel the need to go home and do your own research?

Because you know there is a better way.

I’ve known for a long time that my standards for my own health and fitness went way beyond what my doctor could provide. I’ve spent more than a decade learning things on my own, scouring forums and websites, doing trial and error on myself. I’ve been doing a little science project for quite some time. And after years of self advocacy and determination I came to the sad conclusion:

The medical industrial complex doesn’t want to help you. It wants you fat, sick, ignorant and dependent. 

Over time, I learned that doctors look down on hormone supplementation. I saw that typical nutrition guidance would make me fat and pre-diabetic. I observed how none of my doctors encouraged me to lift weights when we know that it can prevent all kinds of disease including cognitive decline.

I couldn’t help but feel like the medical establishment wanted me weak, crumbling, and plummeting to an early death.

Eat 12 servings of grains and avoid red meat. Don’t lift weights or you’ll get hurt. Testosterone will give you ROID RAGE. It’s all nonsense. All of it.

Once I figured that out, I had to make a change – and now you do too.

If things stay the same, you’re going to die sooner, endure more misery, and spend more money than you ever thought. 

You’ll be the lame parent on the sidelines instead of a hero to your own child. 

I went to the trampoline park with my family the other day. There were countless apathetic Dads sitting on the sidelines while their kids looked at them and begged, “play with me, Dad!”

And me? I was out there jumping around, going crazy with the kids, playing dodgeball with an ever growing group of young kids circling around me. I could hear it in their voices and see it in their faces just how excited they were that someone, anyone, was playing with them. All while their own Dads had their faces buried in a cell phone not paying attention to the most important people in their life.

Which Dad (or Mom) do you want to be?

Your retirement plans could fail.

We’ve been told all our lives to save for retirement and plan for our glory years. But will your savings be enough when faced with crippling health problems which land you in the hospital instead of on the golf course?

Deferred health maintenance is a hidden liability most people aren’t thinking about. 

The cost of doing nothing today is IMMENSE.

Take no action and you’ll become a burden on your kids just when they’re raising a family of their own.

You must be an asset to the people you love, not a liability.

You could be sick and not even know it.

A lawyer friend of mine dropped dead at age 45. He had a sudden heart attack despite being a runner for many years. He left his wife without a husband and his kids without a father. Turns out he was sick underneath the appearance of being healthy and didn’t know he had a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. Early detection could have saved his life and given his kids more time with their Dad.

Metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease might sneak up on you. 

You could be metabolically unhealthy even if you appear fit on the outside. Your lipids could be out of control, your fasting insulin too high, and you could even be “pre diabetic” without knowing it. Or maybe your thyroid isn’t working right or you have non alcoholic fatty liver disease. So many treatable and preventable ailments sneak up on people that failing to screen for preventable issues is irresponsible.

Don’t wake up one day in the back of an ambulance just because your doctor was too lazy to keep up on the latest science. 

His failure could be your death sentence. 

Why is your life in their hands not your own?

The same old same old got us where we are today and it’s time to make a change.

It’s time to find a doctor who knows what time it is. It’s time to find a doctor who understands how messed up the current system is and who wants to do something about it. It’s time to find a team of professionals who are dedicated to helping you become happier, healthier, and even wealthier by working together with you.

It’s time for a doctor who gets IT and gets YOU.

What if you had a team of professionals working in tandem to bring you health and wellness care that only movie stars, athletes, and CEO’s could afford before? 

What would you do with all that increased energy? All that vitality? All those extra years of quality living? Maybe you’d spend more time with your kids or throw your grandkids in the air. Maybe you’d climb that mountain. Start that business. Finish that race. Find the spouse of your dreams.

All of that is possible with the proper health foundation. 

But knowing you want to make a change isn’t enough. 

You need the right team and that team seems really hard to find.

It may be bleak out there but it’s not hopeless. 

Enter the Rebel Health Alliance.

Optimization is not just for the rich and famous anymore. 

Optimization means embracing the possibility of living a limitless life through the eradication or control of chronic disease and the maximization of health span. 

Optimization is achieved through a holistic and personalized approach to care that addresses root causes and promotes longevity and vitality. 

Real life optimization means losing stubborn weight, aligning hormones, managing cholesterol, blood sugars, and blood pressure. It means improving eating patterns, workout regimens, sleep habits, and many other areas of life. 

Optimization means your best years are still ahead, no matter what age you are now.  

Optimization is the process of mastering your life so you can live it with fulfillment, joy, and purpose.  

With the guidance and support of our team you can achieve your optimal self and redefine what it means to live a vibrant and fulfilling life.

Optimize what you eat. Optimize how you move. Optimize how you receive medical care.

But how?

Rebel Health Alliance. It is the future.

The Rebel Health Alliance is a national telehealth platform which offers you a team of healthcare professionals, led by world class physicians who utilize the latest diagnostic technology to create a holistic comprehensive health care plan for life.

We want you fit, strong, optimized, and metabolically healthy.

Our goal is to make you feel great and to add quality years to your life.

Each client of the Rebel Health Alliance is assigned to a team with the following members:

  • Physician
  • Nurse Coordinator
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Nutritionist
  • Epigenetic Counselor

Your patient journey begins with:

  • Blood Tests
  • DNA Test
  • Lifestyle Review
  • Dietary Analysis
  • Strength and Conditioning Assessment
  • Advanced diagnostics and screening like DEXA and Coronary scans

After the initial blood tests, diagnostics, and assessments, the team gets together to review your case. The outcome of that meeting is what makes us unique:

Your customized care plan. 

At your care planning meeting, the entire team collaborates to create a health and wellness plan specifically for you. 

Your care plan is:

  • Customized
  • Physician-led
  • Holistic
  • Comprehensive
  • Informed by your genetics, and
  • Continuously adjusted

Your care plan contains:

  • Strength and Conditioning Program
  • Diet Guidelines and Menu Options
  • Hormone and Peptide Protocols
  • Supplement Plans and Prescriptions
  • Goals and Benchmarks
  • Any other Prescriptions as Necessary

But we don’t stop there. RHA provides you with ongoing support and coaching to ensure compliance, motivation, and success. You’ll receive:

  • Quarterly Meetings with your Physician
  • Regular Meetings with your strength coach
  • Diet Review and Updates
  • Epigenetic counseling
  • Continuous supplement strategies and implementation
  • White glove concierge services from your Nurse Coordinator, and
  • Access to the Rebel Health Community for support, camaraderie and friendship with people on the same journey as you are.

Sounds too good to be true? 

In the old days maybe, but through technology we’re able to deliver these services to you today that only movie stars, professional athletes, and CEOs could afford previously. Now we’re bringing the best cutting edge treatments to regular people just like you and me.

What do we treat

  • Longevity
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Obesity
  • Hormone issues (for men and women)
  • Athletic performance
  • Overall optimization

What happens when you join

You’ll receive an email from your Nurse Coordinator with instructions on how to begin your assessment. You’ll meet with her to conduct your intake and prepare for your blood work and other diagnostics. You’ll meet with your Doctor, your strength coach, and your nutritionist. Our entire team will meet to create your custom care plan. And then we will be there by your side month after month as you make consistent progress towards your goals.

RHA is not for everyone.

If you’re ok with being fat, sick, or dying too early. This is not the place for you.

If you want a quick fix or think a pill is the only answer to your problems, we are not your people.

If you think you’re going to make change without doing the work. Please keep moving.

If you think the food pyramid is the way. There’s the door.

I know this will scare some people away. The truth is there are no easy fixes, otherwise you’d have already done it. Hard work, dedication, education, and support are required to fight the obesogenic environment we live in. If you do nothing, you’ll lose. 

We want fighters. We want people who appreciate expertise and experience.

Whether you’re just getting off the couch (it’s ok, we’ve all been there), a busy professional without the time to figure all this out on your own, or an advanced athlete looking for an edge – we’ve got you covered.

If you bring the energy, we will provide the plan. And together we will all succeed.

You will be transformed if you join RHA.

If you enroll with Rebel Health Alliance and follow our plan, you will:

  • Feel better
  • Look better
  • Save money
  • Achieve more
  • Burst with vitality
  • Turn heads wherever you go
  • Create meaningful experiences and memories
  • Enjoy active engagement with your family
  • And sleep well knowing you’ve done all that you can do for yourself and those important to you.

All of this is possible when you’re feeling your best. 

And that’s what we offer you. 

The care plan and team are means to an end, and the end is you being the best self you can be. 

What RHA is not

RHA is not a pill mill. We will not give you drugs on day one just because you filled out a questionnaire. Are we aggressive in finding treatments that work for you? Of course. But we don’t exist to serve big pharma.

RHA is not your standard health care operation. We are not beholden to insurance companies. We do not compromise care just because “it isn’t covered.” We take direction from no one other than our professionals, the latest science and research, and our experience. We are on the cutting edge of treatments across a range of services, unlike your primary care doc who is probably stuck in the 80’s, unhealthy himself, and deeply unhappy with the circumstances. 

We are not a health care factory. We are not cookie cutter. We are not an app. You do not get a standard plan and then get left alone to figure it out. We are real professionals who dedicate personal time to you and your plan and we create custom programs for everyone based on their individual needs. You are not a widget to us. You are not a number. You are our friend, our colleague, and our partner.

We are not your primary care physician. If you get a cut or a rash or have the flu, you go to a local care provider and get seen in person. We are here to help you with hormone optimization, metabolic health, longevity, weight loss, athletic performance, fitness, and general wellness. If it turns out you have an issue that requires specialty care, we will work with you to find an expert in your area. But please don’t call us with day-to-day run of the mill illness or injury. This is not our specialty and the nature of virtual care prevents us from helping you with these matters. We’re here to answer the questions your current doctor can not, to provide a plan for holistic care, and to support you in finding the health and vibrance you need to be the best you possible.

We do not think we have all the answers. Ever do some research on your own and bring it to your doctor only for him to roll his eyes? Most providers think they’re the end all be all when it comes to health care. They’re not interested in patients who advocate for themselves. At RHA we encourage a collaborative approach to health care. We want you to speak up! We want to know your ideas and what you’re thinking. We want people who take responsibility for their health and actively engage in shaping their future.

I know we’ve covered a lot here, but in case you’ve got more questions here’s a set of FAQs:


Of course! RHA’s personalized and holistic approach to care is especially beneficial for women, who often face unique health challenges throughout their lives. By focusing on prevention and addressing root causes, RHA can help women optimize their healthspan and achieve their optimal selves, whether they are navigating reproductive health, managing chronic conditions, making the the journey through menopause, or seeking to improve overall wellness. With a team of experts in various areas of health and wellness, RHA offers a comprehensive and coordinated approach to care that can help women redefine what it means to live a vibrant and fulfilling life.


Yes! This is one of our core differentiating factors from other services. We provide customized test orders, advanced testing and scans, preventative diagnostics, interpretation, prescriptions when needed, strength coaching, a nutritionist, epigenetic counseling, and lifestyle modifications crafted by our entire team during your Care Planning Session and delivered to you as a Custom Care Plan.

Please note however: blood work and lab tests are provided by third parties, but we work with them and issue tests directly. Fees for these services are billed direct to the patient, but all other RHA services are included with the membership fee.


Unfortunately health insurance companies are often part of the problem. They keep doctors focused on churning and burning patients, and limit our ability to deliver the health care that meets our standards. However some of the blood work and testing we will order may be covered by insurance and our Nurse Coordinator will be happy to help you submit for reimbursement, but we can not guarantee it will work.

Additionally, some of your prescriptions may be covered by your insurance, but some may not.


All RHA members will receive our custom DNA test and analysis. It is included in your set up fee, annual membership, or lifetime package. We believe our test is the best one on the market and provides innumerable insights into your genetics that can assist us in crafting appropriate care plans for you. Our test is deeper and covers more of your genetic code than others on the market – plus it offers direct actionable advice, not just risk predictions.


Yes! Epigenetic counseling is a core part of our offering. The epigenetic counselor is on your care team and will meet with our entire staff when they craft your care plan. Our custom reports provide suggestions and each month we will offer seminars discussing particular sections of the test. Your full report will be available to you as soon as it is completed. Plus, your entire care team will review the report and use the information in it to inform your comprehensive care plan. 


Yes, and we strongly encourage you to obtain a wearable if you don’t have one already. Our training app, Trainerize, links with your health data app on your phone and provides us insights into your daily health statistics, diet compliance, and exercise efforts. 

Other suggested devices include:

  • Wifi / Bluetooth scale for instant upload of your current weight
  • Bluetooth blood pressure monitors
  • WHOOP, Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin or others.


Your time with your Doctors is very important and they are involved with your care from start to finish. You’ll have an extensive initial consultation, quarterly updates, and annual reviews. You can communicate with us via email at any time. Your Nurse and wellness coach will help you navigate everything and escalate concerns as necessary to your Doctor. And Lifetime Package members get text message access directly to their Doctors. At any moment, a member of the RHA team is available via email with expected turnaround times of 1-2 days.


All prescriptions are called into your pharmacy of choice. All prescription refills are done as necessary and are included with your package. We send out prescriptions all throughout the year as needed in addition to your quarterly sessions with the Doctor.


Our co-founders, Dr. Sandeep Palakodeti and Jack Murphy have been fans of Dr. Attia for many years. We’ve followed his work for quite some time and his book “OUTLIVE” is highly recommended. We believe we have operationalized much of Dr. Attia’s work and are able to provide it to you at a price far below what Peter charges (upwards of $150,000 per year). 

We believe in aggressive early screening and prevention of the major health concerns like heart disease, cancer, neurodegenerative disease, type 2 diabetes and related metabolic dysfunction.


Yes, if you need a local specialist or an in person treatment, we will do our best to help you connect to someone we know or trust. But given the national scope of our practice, that might not always be possible. Through our sister company Mishe, we will have access to top surgeons, specialists, and other providers in certain geographies, offered at deep discounted direct-pay rates.


All Members receive the RHA DNA test and report included in their package. However, all other blood work, scans, and tests are billed directly to the patient. And when possible we’ll help you submit to your insurance for reimbursement.

Most labs, tests, and scans should be HSA eligible but you’ll have to check with your provider.

If you desire in-home blood testing we can arrange that through one of our partner labs at an additional fee, where available.

If you have recent relevant blood work or scans, we will work with those on a case by case basis.


RHA is committed to serving you and your family. For our initial launch, we are not formally offering family plans but if you are interested in signing up more than one person in your household, please send me an email and we will try to work something out

Please note: we only offer services to those 18 years or older.


Maybe! At RHA we’re open to all available treatments. With Ozempic and other GLP1’s  we believe that it is essential to track muscle mass, eat lots of protein, and do resistance training. If you’re to receive this treatment, you’ll be required to get a DEXA, follow your nutrition plan, and execute your strength plan. We want you to lose weight while minimizing muscle loss. 


Maybe! Our founder Jack Murphy has been on TRT for more than a decade. We know all the benefits of successful hormone replacement and therapy. But if we can improve your testosterone levels without life-long drug therapies, we’d prefer that. 

New patients with existing TRT prescriptions can use RHA to manage, improve, and optimize your current protocol.

We are committed to using the latest treatment protocols working towards overall optimization. Peptides, HGH, and other therapies are possible when appropriate.


We will do everything we can to treat any medical issues we discover and if we can’t we’ll help you find a specialist who can assist.


Yes. We want you optimized.


Yes, aggressively when appropriate.


We are not here to replace your primary care physician, who plays a crucial role in your overall healthcare. We’re not the place to go if you cut your arm, develop a fever overnight, or have a new mole you need to get looked at – you should continue to see your PCP and local urgent care for those issues.  

Rather, our goal is to complement and enhance the care you receive. We do this by focusing “upstream” on prevention, providing specialized, and consultative services in areas such as 

  • longevity, 
  • optimization, 
  • metabolic health, 
  • athletic performance, 
  • genetic personalization, and 
  • lipid management. 

We will work collaboratively with your existing healthcare team, ensuring seamless coordination and communication for a comprehensive approach to your wellbeing.


Blood work will be done via a third party local provider convenient to you. We will work with you to determine your preferred vendor and send our orders directly. In some cases you may have the option for at-home phlebotomy for an additional fee.

If you have recent prior bloodwork, we can review these in your sessions with the Doctor and team.


At the moment we can confirm that labs and tests ordered via our electronic system and paid directly by patients will be HSA eligible. It is possible our monthly subscription may be covered by HSA’s as well, we’ll announce that if and when it is confirmed.


Rebel Health Alliance is our answer to the health care system that doesn’t give a crap about you. RHA is our answer to the obesogenic environment we live in. RHA is our way of doing what we can to help fight the structural issues we all face. 

Rebel Health Alliance is here to bring you the cutting edge in diagnostics, treatments, and holistic care to help you feel, look, and perform your best.

Join us and we will increase your energy

Help you have more success in life, and

Give you those precious extra years with your loved ones.

Together we’ll build you into an asset instead of a liability. 

Look good, feel great, and live like a King (or Queen).


We are admitting a small number of clients this month because our team invests time and energy into all of you. We offer truly customized and personal health care and that takes time. We are not an app, we are not selling you a PDF. 

We treat each RHA client the same way we treat our own family members, with care, love, and time.

So don’t hesitate or you’ll miss your chance at a healthier happier life.

Join now! Space is limited!

USE COUPON CODE: RHANOV for 10% off posted prices!


Additional $750 one time set up fee
Six Month Commitment Required
Set up fee waived ($750 savings)
Two free months per year ($994 savings)
$1000’s of savings with Lifetime Plan
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