How does the DNA test work?

Ever wondered how Rebel Health Alliance deciphers your genetic code? Curious about the journey of your saliva sample, from your home to our lab? Join us as we pull back the curtains on our process, breaking down the science into something a little more digestible.

How Does Your Sample Get Processed?

After you sign up with RHA, we will send you a testing kit to the provides address. Once you’ve followed the simple instructions in our home testing kit and mailed us your saliva sample, your genetic adventure with Rebel Health Alliance begins!

  1. Receiving Your Sample: Our team jumps into action the moment your sample arrives. We check it within one business day to ensure everything is in order.
  2. Extracting & Analyzing DNA: We extract the DNA from your saliva and measure the amount of double-stranded DNA, a crucial step in our analysis. Using a specialized tool developed by our trusted partner, Illumina, we examine your DNA, following every protocol to the letter to ensure accuracy.
  3. Quality Assurance: Despite all precautions, sometimes things don’t go perfectly. If that happens, we promptly let you know, look into the issue, and re-run the analysis at no extra cost if the problem originated from our end or due to equipment malfunction.
  4. Data Generation & Delivery: Post-analysis, we generate data from your DNA. Please note that it’s not always possible to read every single genetic marker from each sample – a variable that’s out of our control. However, if the sample clears quality checks, we view it as a success.
  5. Storage: After the successful extraction of your DNA, we safely discard the saliva collection device. We store the DNA sample and any leftover saliva until you’ve approved the final data files or for 6 months, whichever comes last. If we don’t hear from you within 60 days of delivering the data, we’ll consider it accepted. We also store the DNA samples for 6 months post your approval of the final genetic data files.

When Do You Get Your Results?

We understand your anticipation for the results! Therefore, we strive to process your sample and upload the final data files within 21 business days from the date we receive your sample.

You will receive a comprehensive report broken down into various sections for ease of understanding. The care team at RHA will receive the results as well and use them to inform your customized care plan.

And each month there will be seminars to discuss the test, how to interpret your results, and how to turn the information into easy action items you apply immediately.

Privacy: Our Top Priority

We understand that genetic testing involves sensitive data, and at Rebel Health Alliance, your privacy is our top concern. We want to assure you that the process of handling your DNA samples is secure and confidential. We operate with strict data protection protocols in place to ensure the integrity and security of your genetic information.

Upon successful extraction, we discard the saliva collection device, and your DNA samples are only stored until the final data files are accepted or for six months, whichever is longer. Importantly, all your samples are de-identified and given a unique barcode before being sent to us, ensuring the complete anonymity of your data.

At Rebel Health Alliance, we are committed to providing a seamless and secure genetic testing experience. If you have any more questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us. Your trust and satisfaction are our primary goals.

The DNA test is available a-la-carte as well: