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Request for Proposal (RFP) for Brand Identity and Graphic Design Services for Rebel Health Alliance

Introduction: Rebel Health Alliance (RHA) is a national telehealth practice specializing in optimization, longevity, metabolic health, and athletic performance. RHA is seeking a branding and graphic design firm to help create a consistent visual identity across all platforms and materials.

Scope of Work: The scope of work for this RFP includes the creation of a basic logo and the potential for expanding services over time to a complete identity package. The following are the specific deliverables RFP:

  1. Logo Design:

  • Creation of a unique and modern logo that represents RHA’s brand values and services.
  • The logo should be easily recognizable and memorable.
  • The logo should be easily scalable and usable across different mediums.
  • The logo should be supplied in a variety of file formats suitable for print, digital, and web applications.
  1. Brand Guidelines:

  • Creation of brand guidelines that provide instructions on the usage of the logo and other visual elements of the brand.
  • The brand guidelines should include information on color palette, typography, imagery, and other relevant details.
  1. Graphic Design:

  • Design of additional graphic elements, such as icons, illustrations, and infographics, as required.
  • Social media package for twitter headers, twitter cards, etc.

Timeline: The proposed timeline for this project is TBD from the award of the contract. RHA requires that all deliverables be completed by the agreed-upon deadline.

Contact Information: The primary point of contact for this RFP is Jack Murphy. He can be reached via email at or via DM on Twitter @jackmurphylive.

Submission Requirements: Proposals should be submitted via email to Jack Murphy at The proposal should include the following:

  1. An introduction of your company and relevant experience in branding and graphic design services.
  2. A detailed explanation of your approach to the project and how you plan to meet RHA’s needs.
  3. A breakdown of the costs associated with the project, including any expenses for materials or outside services.
  4. A portfolio of relevant work.
  5. A timeline for the project.
  6. Contact information for references.

Evaluation Criteria: Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Relevant experience and track record in branding and graphic design services.
  2. Quality and creativity of the proposed approach.
  3. Cost-effectiveness of the proposal.
  4. Timeliness of the proposed timeline.
  5. Availability of references.

Conclusion: RHA is eager to work with a branding and graphic design firm that can help us create a strong and consistent visual identity. We appreciate your interest in this opportunity and look forward to receiving your proposal.

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