Dr. Sandeep Palakodeti, MD, MPH

Rebel Health Alliance

Dr. Sandeep Palakodeti, MD, MPH – Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Sandeep Palakodeti, MD, MPH is a visionary leader in the healthcare industry, dedicated to revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered. With an impressive background and a deep commitment to transforming the healthcare landscape, Dr. Palakodeti has embarked on a transformative journey to empower individuals to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Throughout his career, Dr. Palakodeti has witnessed the flaws and limitations of the current healthcare system. He has experienced firsthand the influence of profit-driven motives, prevailing social trends, and systemic flaws that hinder true scientific inquiry and the pursuit of absolute health and wellness. Driven by a belief in the power of prevention and personalized care, he is passionate about democratizing healthcare for all.

As the Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Rebel Health Alliance, Dr. Palakodeti leads a highly-engaged and forward-thinking medical practice that focuses on metabolic optimization, radical prevention, eradication of chronic disease, athletic performance, and longevity. With a personalized approach to care, Dr. Palakodeti and his team work closely with individuals to address the root causes of health issues, leveraging factors such as genetics, lifestyle, and environmental influences.

Dr. Palakodeti’s impressive career spans various leadership roles in the healthcare industry:

  • Co-Founder at MISHE.co ,¬†an innovative platform meant to connect patients with top doctors to access deep discounted savings on procedures, surgeries, medications, and other types of care,
  • Director of Partnerships at Beyond Physician, a physician-led marketplace,
  • Chief Clinical Design Officer at CareMore Health,

Dr. Deep has consistently demonstrated his expertise in designing and implementing innovative healthcare models.

With a strong commitment to improving healthcare access and outcomes, Dr. Palakodeti has also worked as the Regional Medical Officer at a frontier integrated health delivery system, where he oversaw clinical programming and extended primary care models to underserved communities. He has been involved in numerous research studies, projects, and mentorship initiatives, contributing to the advancement of healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship.

Dr. Palakodeti’s dedication to transforming healthcare is evident in his academic achievements and affiliations. He has completed a fellowship in Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Harvard Medical School and has served as an Adjunct Research Contributor at the Mayo Clinic. As a member of the American College of Physicians, he has actively engaged in representing and advocating for resident and fellow members on various healthcare issues.

With his vast experience, visionary mindset, and unwavering dedication to patient care, Dr. Sandeep Palakodeti is poised to reshape the future of healthcare, empowering individuals to live vibrant and fulfilling lives.

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